Venerating our patron's relics: St. Pius X

Source: St. Mary's Academy

On Tuesday, February 8, the St. Mary’s Academy and College faculty were given the opportunity to venerate some unique relics recently acquired by Fr. Rutledge: a papal cassock and papal shoes of St. Pius X.

Garments and shoes worn by a saint are considered second-class relics and worthy of veneration. We know from the Gospels that many people tried to touch the hem of Our Lord’s garments and as many as did were made whole. Even tombs and other relics of lesser saints have been the source of great miracles in the Church’s history.

These particular relics have two papers attesting their authenticity. First, the blood sisters of St. Pius X attested to collecting and keeping these relics after his death. From them they passed on to only two other priests before coming to us here in St. Marys. These priests also passed on the document of attestation from the Postulator for the Cause of St. Pius X, proving again the authenticity of the relics.

What a treasure these relics of our dear patron are to us and will be for many generations here in the heart of the country.