Pro-Life Rosary

Source: St. Mary's College

On January 22, the 48th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the St. Marys youth group, ACIES, hosted a pro-life rosary in St. Mary’s. The St. Mary’s College students joined the parish community and Knights of the Immaculata lining Highway 24 starting at our campus entrance. Fr. Torzala led the rosary, interspersed with meditations for each mystery and reminders of the reason we had gathered in prayer: in reparation for the horrors of abortion and its impact on our world. It is easy for us to forget when we are not confronted with it daily, but kneeling along the road on the cold Friday night helped us recall the reality—and to do something, however small, to make reparation to Our Lord and Our Lady for all that is done to offend them.