Confirmations in the US District - 2024

Source: St. Mary's Priory

This is the current schedule of confirmations for the USA District.  

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Pittsburgh, PA April 7, 2024  Bp. Fellay
Roswell, GA April 8, 2024 Bp. Fellay
Nicholville, NY April 12, 2024 Bp. Fellay
Ridgefield, CT April 14, 2024 Bp. Fellay
Winona, MN  April 20, 2024 Bp. Fellay
Madison, WI  April 21, 2024 Bp. Fellay
Walton, KY  May 5, 2024 Bp. Fellay
Post Falls, ID  May 12, 2024 Bp. Fellay
St. Marys, KS  May 25, 2024 Bp. de Mallerais
Kansas City, MO  May 26, 2024 Bp. de Mallerais
Dickinson, TX  May 31, 2024 Bp. de Mallerais
San Antonio, TX  June 1, 2024 Bp. de Mallerais
Baton Rouge, LA  June 2, 2024 Bp. de Mallerais