Celebrating the feast of Saint Joseph at SMA

Source: St. Mary's Academy

The morning dawned bright and clear as our students and faculty assembled for the Pontifical High Mass celebrated by Bishop Fellay on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19th. The splendor of the vestments and the music cast aside the Lenten recollection for the day as we all joined together with one voice to participate in the Mass. Leading the ceremony, we were all in awe at how many assistants and servers joined the Bishop at the altar: the amount of respect and pomp that a Bishop brings with him is striking. In his sermon, His Excellency gave us many fruits for our thoughts on how St. Joseph is present in our lives, reminding us that the pope has proclaimed this to be the Year of St. Joseph.

Following the Mass, students of the 5th-8th grades gathered in designated areas throughout campus to share their talents in our Fine Arts Festival. Music pieces were performed, ranging from vocal solos, to recorder ensembles. And poems, humorous pieces, duet acts, choric speaking arrangements were shared with an audience of fellow students and parents. The spirit of the Festival was certainly one of excitement and pride, as students were able to share pieces they have been practicing for months now.

At the close of our school day, the High School students gathered to assist at Solemn Vespers for St. Joseph. And in the evening, Bishop Fellay performed the sacrament of Confirmation to hundreds of confirmands—the first of two confirmation ceremonies held in St. Marys this year. Our day was filled with ritual, talent, grace, and joy: a fitting way to commemorate the life and protection of the patron of the Universal Church.