Regina Coeli Report: Nov 2016

This issue of the Regina Coeli Report focuses on the priestly work of the SSPX, and requests your prayers for these men.

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Prayers for Priests

Letter from the District Superior

Dear faithful,

As the new academic year has gone into gear and is already going full speed, it is time to check around us and look at what is important for the proper running of our own ‘machine’, the work of tradition in this beloved country.

A important event is looming ahead of us: the historical inauguration of the new seminary in Dillwyn, Virginia this coming November. This seminary is literally the seeding ground of anything priestly for the SSPX in the US. We have all read with glee the address of Bishop Fellay, our Superior General, given on June 28, 2016:

Modern man exists for his own sake. Man is the king of the universe. He has dethroned Christ. Man exalts his autonomous, independent conscience, to the point of dissolving even the very foundations of the family and marriage... To remedy this universal disorder, the Good Lord raised up a man, a Christian, a priest, a bishop. What did he do? He founded a society—a hierarchical society—the principle and end of which are just the antidote to this universal disorder: The Sacrament of Holy Orders.”

How is the “Restoration of all things in Christ” going to take place if not with the day-to-day business of offering the means of salvation to souls entrusted to us. Our priests are serving the needs of the faithful. In return, it is important that the faithful support their priests. They do it marvelously everywhere for all material needs of our clergy. They are also encouraged to pay spiritual tithes to their pastors and leaders. Quite a few initiatives have seen the day in this matter of praying for priests. Allow me to just name a few which come immediately to mind.

  • Prayers for vocations at the altar rail once a month by ladies reciting the Lu prayers (found on pg. 17 of the booklet Prayer Crusade for Priests.)
  • Occasionally, the faithful attend a votive Mass of Christ the High Priest as a group to pray for their Pastors.
  • The Legion of Mary has had thousands of Masses celebrated for the specific intentions of priests.
  • Someone from Kansas City started to send bags with a prayer set. Each bag has 60 names of priests and one person prays for the name taken out of the bag on a daily basis. So far, 900 such bags have been distributed throughout the country.
  • The Crusade for Priests, initiated in Australia, has spread into this country in the ‘90s.
  • In the late ‘90s, an offshoot of the Crusade for Priests, named the Prayer Crusade for Priests, saw the light in this country. Brother Gabriel, residing at the District house, tends to it. You will find that his interview sheds much neededlight on this vital spiritual work of mercy.

These, and so many other initiatives not mentioned here, have mushroomed out of mere necessity. They are a testimony to the dedication and love the faithful bear their priests. As we all know, the battle is foremost against the spiritual
powers in the air who work at snatching souls from God’s influence, and first in the line of fire are consecrated souls. Is it not a matter of religious duty for each of us, to the extent of our power, to pray for our family, immediate and remote, for our earthly parents and our spiritual Fathers?

With my blessing for you and your families,

Fr. Jürgen Wegner

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