The Curtain Call ~ Fall Music Festival

September 29, 2020
Source: Academy St Mary's

     When Sunday morning dawned dark and soon gave over to pouring rain, it looked as if the last day of the Fall Music Festival would be entirely washed away. As the afternoon progressed soggily however, the Knights with the rest of the academy student volunteers began assembling on the grounds. The showers continued to linger, but a boisterous and lively sound was heard through the patter as the students kept their spirits very much aglow by singing out their old, familiar camp songs, sheltered in their booths, kept warm by the brick-oven pizza, hot apple cider, and their shared voices.

     Eventually the clouds began to break, and the crew quickly assembled a makeshift performance area with rain cover and a roaring fire. Word had been passed that the show would go on, and almost all of the original performers got together at the last minute. One right after another in a particularly familial setting, the singers and musicians blended with the crowd as the booth area became alight with truly living and communal song. It was a great joy in particular to welcome Fr. Bourbeau and his students from Kentucky for the evening.

     It was a night to remember, as it perfectly captured the life that we hoped the Festival would bring to our community. The Fall Music Festival is now officially closed, and there will not be a postponed final performance. The students did a marvelous job, and can now continue their studies with a job well-done and more time to apply.

     A huge thanks to everyone who helped make the Festival a great success. We especially are grateful for the help from: Mr. Ben Moats and the Shakespeare Committee for the use of the grounds; Miss Caroline Thomet and Miss Abbey Quain and the high school girls for their enthusiastic help and preparations; Joseph McDonald, Tommy Awerkamp, Henry Hatty, and all the Knights and Honor Guard; and lastly, but most importantly, Mrs. Krista Childs, for her inexhaustible (but surely exhausting) help in preparing, coordinating, accompanying, and performing so much of the music for the Festival.  

We hope to bring some of the hard work to the stage at the Christ the King Festival. See you there!

“May the Road rise to meet you, a smile always greet you, may our friendship be always true and strong!”

The Fall Music Festival 2020