Our history is steeped in Catholic tradition and punctuated by the struggles of rugged frontier life. The story of our campus and the work done here for the salvation of souls provides interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking reading. From its inception, which saw schools established for the Potawatomi tribe, through its days as a boys' school and college, through its seminary days during which more than 1,000 men were ordained to the Eternal Priesthood, and up to the present day, the primary focus on this campus has been Catholic education.

In this section of our website, we offer our visitors various articles on the history of our campus.

The History of St. Mary's Academy and College - A Time Line

A Timeline of the History of Our Campus
Prologue: Early Threads in the History of St. Mary's
Time Line: 1827 - 1847
Time Line: 1848 - 1869
Time Line: 1869 - 1931
Time Line: 1931 - 1967
Time Line: 1967 - 1978

Historical Bits and Scraps

The Pioneer Sisters of St. Mary's Mission - an article by Mary Gentges, SMC '86
The Pioneer Priests and Brothers of St. Mary's Mission - an article by Mary Gentges, SMC '86
Bishop John Baptist Miège - a short biography of his life and his works in Kansas
Tom Playfair's School - Fr. Finn, Tom Playfair, and St. Mary's
St. Mary's and the War
Memoirs of an Alumnus - a letter from William Bernard, M.D., recalling his attendance at St. Mary's in the early 1930's
The Governor's Proclamation - the text of the proclamation of the Governor of Kansas, made on the occasion of our 25th Anniversary