2023 Spring Fundraiser Winners!

The Fundraiser Giveaway prize drawing took place on Friday, May 12.  The winners are:

  • 1st Prize of $25,000 to Robbie Larson of St. Marys, KS
         Ticket Sold By : Sean Murphy

  • 2nd Prize of $1,000 to Micah Burchfield of Lawrence, KS
    Ticket Sold By : Clare Riccomini

  • 3rd Prize of $1,000 to Marilyn Lorentz of Veneta, OR
    Ticket Sold By : Luke Pedersen

  • 4th Prize of $1,000 to Andrew & Mary Ann Bunel of St. Marys, KS
    Ticket Sold By : Patrick Bunel

  • 5th Prize of $1,000 to Kathleen O’Leary of St. Marys, KS
    Ticket Sold By : Grace Glasgow

  • 6th Prize of $1,000 to Teresa Jones of St. Marys, KS
    Ticket Sold By : Adele Bryan

Thank you for supporting our 2023 Spring Fundraiser!